Website Kits - Large

A large website kit will give you every element you need to have a professional online shop. 

This is ideal for anyone that wants to make money online:

  • Hair Salons can sell hair products
  • Fitness Coaches can sell PDF training guides
  • Vets can sell petfood
  • Business coaches can sell online courses
  • Photographers can sell canvas prints

… the possibilities are endless.

Please note that you will need a WordPress Website for your kit to function. Your website kit will be developed with the Elementor page builder. 





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Website Kit - Large

Features and Elements

Included Template Files & Page Layouts:

A basic Coming Soon page that will have your business logo contact details and a message to let your audience know that you are busy making changes to your website.

Your header is one of the most important template files in your kit. Your business logo, contact details, social media icons and a navigation menu are all key components for a successful and easy to navigate journey through your website.

Your footer template is just as important as the header. Social media icons, email newsletter sign up form and important links are located in the Footer

Your home page is the most important page of any website, It provides a clear starting point to your audience. Sectioned off with various elements and call to actions will provide a clean and simple customer journey.

This is the perfect page to tell your audience about you and your business. Tell your story. How did you start, Why did you start? What do you see for the future of your business? Your customers want to know all about you.

This is a very useful page for all of those questions that you have answered a million times before. People always have questions with regards to products, shipping, returns etc. This is the place to list all of that important information.

Another very important page is the Contact page. There is nothing more frustrating than going onto a website with a bad contact page. Your page will have your contact details, email addresses, social media links, a life Facebook feed, contact form and an interactive Google map.

If your business has a lot of staff members and they each need their own profile page this is the page that will display all of your staff members. Each profile image will be clickable to the individual members page.

This is the perfect page to show off your staff. Show off an awesome profile picture and brag about the skills your staff member brings to the table.

Think if this area of your website as your showroom floor. Display your online shop in a clean and easy to use experience. This page will have all of your products or services that you are wanting to sell online.

This is the place to really sell your products. Display your product photos, product description, technical specs and pricing. Cross and up-selling features as well as the option to share your products onto the users social media feed.

If your business has a wide variety of services and each service needs it own individual page this is where you can show all your services on one page with call to actions to encourage the audience to see your individual services.

Explain how this individual service would benefit your customers. Have a call to action on this page to encourage them to enquire about you and this service.

A blog is a great way to interact with your audience and customer base. It is always recommended to keep your blog up to date and let your customer know all about your news, or new product launch. Blogs are also great for SEO.

This will control the page layout of your blog posts. It will have all of the elements you need to get the most out of your blogs, share buttons, call to actions, clean and simple layouts, recommended blogs and so much more.

If someone stumbles upon a broken link or a blog post that is no longer active they will be directed to this page. It will give them an option to go back to the home page.

If someone is searching for something of a product on your website this will show them the search results.

This will be an overview of the products that are available on your online shop.

The cart page is where a customer can make sure they have everything they need in their shopping cart before they proceed to the checkout page.

The final step in the online experience, This is where your customer can fill on their details, shipping info and make payments.

Included Elements & Features:

Newsletter pop ups are a great way to encourage first time customers to your website to sign up and become part of your mailing list and hear all about your promos and exciting news!

Depending on your industry and business needs you will get custom forms on specific pages to collect customer details and information. They are a great way to communicate with your customers and also grow your database. 

Depending on your industry and business needs I will create call to actions throughout the website kit to help navigate your audience and create a comfortable customer journey. 

Integrated live Facebook feed displayed on the Contact page.

One of the most common place to find contact details is the Contact Page but thats not the only place you can display them. I will insert your contact details in the Footer of your kit. This will provide easy access for your customers to get hold of you regardless of what page they are on.

An interactive Google Map that will show your business location.

Along with your website kit you will also get a quick install PDF guide to show you how to install your website kit onto your WordPress website. 

I will also install your kit onto your WordPress website at no additional charge if you prefer.

You will also get full access to a password protected page that will show you how exactly to change your content and images so that you can get the most out of your website.

Your website kit will be fully mobile responsive. 

You also get six months of free support. This will cover any technical glitches in the Kit you may experience.

Benefits of ordering a Website Kit

Quick Install

Well Documented

Simple Content Setup

Everything you need

No Coding

Cost Affective