What is a website kit and why get one?

A website kit is a collection of .json files that control how a website looks and functions according to your business needs. Find out more about each Kit and what you get when you order a custom kit for your business. READ MORE>>

Every digital agencies go to...

Most digital agencies at some point will purchase a WordPress theme for their clients. It is a great way to speed up the creation and development process. Bare in mind that these themes come with a specific look and feel as well as functionality. So a developer would need to make all the proper adjustments for you to make it look like your own.

This is how it goes

Now I am speaking from personal experience, I have worked for four very different agencies and this seems like standard practice.

Once the theme is purchased, downloaded and installed into the backend of WordPress it still needs to be customised to suit your brand’s needs, logos, colours, fonts need to be adjusted.

The dummy content is then installed onto the pages you need. Each page will have its own look and feel according to the pages needed. The home page will have all the elements to engage with the audience right off the bat and the About page will look completely different. Different pages have different functions, so they have different look and feels for the various elements.

The developer will then swap out the dummy content with the copy and images supplied.

Some formatting and linking happens along the way and then your website is ready for review. 

Once you are happy with the final result your site goes live.

A few frustrations can happen along the way

Having my fair share of frustrations when it comes to themes and finding out halfway into the project and realise a certain feature or function that I wanted to use is not supported because of clashing plugins the last thing any developer wants to do is start digging through another developers code and try and hopefully find a quick resolution. 

Yeah, sure you can always send the developer a support ticket but most of these developers are based overseas and have to wait for them to get back to you. These threads sometimes take days and even weeks to try and resolve.

Overkill on the dummy pages

I don’t know how many websites I have stumbled upon and I can see its one of those generic themes with all the dummy pages activated and all that lovely Lorem Ipsum placeholder copy. I am sure Google is having a field day indexing all of those pages that are completely irrelevant to your business. 

The demand for having a website is strong

Covid19 has had a massive impact on the world and how we do things and live our lives. 2020 was definitely a defining year for online and the actual need to be online. We were all forced to change our behaviour and how we communicate with family and friends and how we do business and our jobs on a daily basis. The impact of the virus on business has been ridiculous with some big giant companies having to get rid of thousands of employees. Small brands have crumbled with not been able to carry on with business because of restrictions. People are in survival mode and are looking to take their side hustle to a full-time space or are only starting out their journey!

A website is a must have tool for your business

A website is definitely a must-have tool if you want your side hustle or small business to succeed. It is a tool that is always available to a global audience and if done right has the power to convert them into customers. A website is one of the first things that is seen by a potential customer so you really want to make a good first impression. Make it a great design!

The elephant in the room... it sounds expensive?

Websites can be super expensive especially when you deal with an agency. But having a website doesn’t have to break the bank.

Most people that are looking at taking their side hustle to a full-time space are watching their finances very closely. Totally understandable, I mean we are going through a pandemic!

So what do you do when you know that you need a website to really show off what you have to offer? You need a website that really reflects who you are and what you are all about. Did you forget that one night when you Googled other businesses in the same industry as you to check out your competition? You found their website, right! I will let that sink in for a second!

Now I am not saying that a website will make you an overnight success but it will definitely give you that professional advantage that you need to aim for success and watch your business grow. Your success is determined by your own dedication and the time you invest in yourself and this journey. 

A website kit could be the solution you have been looking for?

So what if I told you that you can get a fully functional agency quality website designed and developed specifically for your brand. It will have your logos and colours, and pages designed for your industry. All my website kits are fully mobile responsive and super easy to use. All you need to do is swap out the dummy content with your own. Don’t worry I will give you access to training material to get the maximum results out of your website kit. 

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